Thursday, June 13, 2013

Broke ass broke

I was recently reminded recently of a specific evening at the L___ back in about the winter of '97-98.
M_____ and myself, both fairly freshly minted 21-year-olds, walked up to the bar. I went to my bank and got say $20, probably leaving me something like $14 on balance. This was my poor student existence - living from one $150 paycheck to the next. We then proceeded further up the street and M_____ hit up his ATM for a $20 as well.
Stepping into the warmth of the tavern, we saddled up to the bar and ordered small pitchers of Blitz that came with a glass. These cost about $3.00 as I recall (fondly). After paying our barkeep, M_____ proceeded to get his wallet in order. In the process of doing so, I espied his receipt from his ATM visit. I was shocked _SHOCKED!_ to see that he had EIGHT HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS in his bank account - a princely sum!
The above still, from a scene from the film Dark of the Sun, was reproduced for me by M____ that same winter, possibly the same evening.