Friday, June 15, 2012

sleeping off the effects of a debauch

Saloon Keeper Robbed - June 27 1883 Oregonian

SALOON KEEPER ROBBED. It leaked out yesterday that the private apartments of Hugh Fitzgerald, proprietor of the Pittsburgh beer hall, corner of Front and Main streets were robbed Thursday night of near ??? in coin. At the time the robbery is supposed to have been committed Fitzgerald and his wife were sleeping off the effects of a debauch of the preceding day. The place was left in charge of the barkeeper, who on closing up at night neglected to lock the door. the matter has been placed in the hands of detectives.  Loss of the money will seriously cripple Fitzgerald and will probably cause him to quit business. This would be sad.  Fitzgerald is one of the howlers against the ??????, claiming that the business will not stand such heavy tax. And he opposed to the bond ????. Abut six week ago his gentlemanly bar-keeper tried to a kill man with a beer glass, and got one year in the penitentiary for it, and Hugh does not want to give a guarantee for other ruffians he may employ in his dive.

- June 27 1883 Oregonian

"My restaurant review's ready, chief!"
"Well let's hear it, skippy."
"Ahem. 'The Pittsburgh Beer Hall offers over a dozen beers on tap at a central, convenient location. Thumbs up: owner Hughie Fitzgerald and wife can be frequently be found at your side sloshing down the swill. Also, free peanuts. Thumbs down: do not make eye contact with the staff."