Tuesday, June 30, 2009

stikfas doing yoga

Stikfas Yoga: Beta female practices the Upward Bow Pose
image:the other Martin Taylor

There's plenty of stikfas pics on Flickr, but I found these one's particularly charming.

Handstand pose.

Stikfas Yoga: Alpha male in the Handstand Pose
image:the other Martin Taylor

Headstand pose.

Stikfas Yoga: Alpha male in the Headstand Pose
image:the other Martin Taylor

Cobra pose.

Stikfas Yoga: Beta female practices the Cobra Pose
image:the other Martin Taylor

My favorite - the Scorpion pose.

Stikfas Yoga: Beta female practices the Scorpion Pose
image:the other Martin Taylor


Friday, June 19, 2009

Fucking Hell

Am I the only one who interprets this as the special Hell reserved for Nazis? I mean, I guys in Wehrmacht uniforms being herded off trains into camps by grim reapers. I tried reading up on this piece by the Chapman brothers but couldn't find anything...


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet You in Poland, Baby

And then there's this song.

The opening violin part always kicks me into a sort of floating in halycon memory state, and then the air raid sirens kick in.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Everybody's Ass is Up for Grabs

As I recall, the first 3 Foetus albums I owned were, I think, the Butterfly Potion EP (the only Foetus at all available at the Beaverton Tower Records), the Sink collection (b/c it was such a deal - a ton of songs on that album), and, for budget reasons, the Male double-live pack (which I didn't really realize was a live album when I got it).

I pretty much sold all my CDs in the fall of '96 when I was hard up for cash, including most of my Foetus stuff (couldn't stop listening to Gash, however), so I kinda forgot about this album. I reacquired it recently and the minute I hit play it was like I was in my room in the dark wearing headphones in high school again. This is an amazing live album - great sound quality and the live band is basically the Swans(!).

Track 1 is 'Free James Brown,' and I think this is footage of the same CGBG's performance Male is recorded from.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cops are Out

So, back in like '89 I'm staying up late to watch Monty Python at 11:30 on MTV (!) and also late at night MTV would run this program called "Post-Modern MTV" or something like that which as basically them mining the available library of British music. Britian being Britain, 99% of thier stuff was basicaly alien to American tastes, so, yeah, it sounded pretty avante-guard to me.

In these same days PBS was running five or whatever episodes of Dr.Who back-to-back-to-back as giant 2.5 hour "movies" (I still remember my massive disappointment in the fact this was not the intended broadcast format when Sci-Fi started rerunning them in the mid 90s in thier original form).


I was pretty much shitting bricks when the following video emanated from the tee-vee in my parents' basement...

More recently, I've been on this glam rock kick, and lo and behold I stumble across Sweet's 'Blockbuster.' Hey, I know that beat!

It all comes together.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mobile Army Wheurhouse

On the live albums Rife and Male, J.G. Thirlwell as Foetus plays a song called "Faith Healer" (on Rife its titled 'Hate Feeler'). In the midst of my recent Foetus-completionist kick, I became momentarily swooned by the first 2 minutes or so of the Rife version, enough that I actually asked, for the first time ever, where this song came from (it only appears on the mentioned live albums).

Now, Thirlwell does have songs that do not appear on studio albums ('Puppet Dude' comes to mind, which is only played live, and I think there's another), so I had to follow the trail when 'Faith Healer' is credited to one Alex Harvey.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band hails from Scotland, as does Thirlwell, is of the vintage to probably be the sort of vinyl spinning on a young Thirlwell's record player, if my math's right.

And, in my opinion, I hear a lot of Alex (who died suddenly in like '83 of a heart attack) in Thirlwell, both vocally and compositionally.

This performance really jumps out at me at exceptional.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Studio Guild Admiral

Studio Building aka Stvdio Bvilding


Studio Building/Guild Theater (actually the same building), built 1927.

Admiral Apartments

Admiral Apartments, built 1909.