Monday, August 10, 2015

Saxon-Irish Blood Feud (Song of Arthur Campaign Finale)

Part 3 of our Saxon-Irish campaign, in which the Irish have been savagely owned thus far. BUT I thought I had a strategy (finally).  I'd do my darnedest to bumrush one of his flanks with everything I had and see if I can break his line and trigger some morale checks.

There's a somewhat complex rule that says that if you have surrounded your enemy in such a way that if they are making a "flee" move and they always come within one 'S' move of your figures, then that enemy figure is removed (think of them as surrendering or being cut down).  Oh, and the enemy figure has to flee towards the closest available edge, as well. So they have to be surrounded but not really surrounded. More like "loosely corralled," like this sorta…
                  O              X
           X   X

I was thinking I needed to just send my Riders on a long flank move, and get them behind the flank I want to attack.  Then I'd charge that flank with my foot Warriors and Champion, and if they can trigger some flee moves, those will turn into 'kills' by virtue of the 'surrounded' mechanic. 

So the actual game was a "kill the other leader" since this was supposed to be the big finale.  My strategy was doing *okay*, but a lot of the attack's inertia was wasted wiping out some Saxon slingers.

Then the grind started and thing started going poorly with the Irish warriors steadily getting cut down or fleeing.



Finally it was just the Irish warlord (on horseback) by himself, but he was totally going out METAL style, rolling a lot of 5s ans 6s while Kyle kept thowing 1s and such for his Saxons.

THEN Kyle let his warlord wade into it, and mine just split his skull. Morale check, and game over. With extra VP for me killing warlord, I squeaked out the win 11 to 10!!! METAL!

Overall campaign defeat for the Irish raiders, but it was nice to get the dramatic implausible win for the finale.