Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Welsh Spearmen

Here are 24 "Welsh Spearmen" (set number DA-21) in 25mm scale by Old Glory Miniatures.  The bag comes with 30 figures in 5 poses with head variants. I only painted 24 because the last six were a shirtless pose that I didn't care for.  Some of the heads have poor detail (or are a completely undetailed flat smush) on one side of the face. I did my best to just paint around these – they are in the minority and not too noticeable when ranked up.


The color scheme features a lot of red shirts. This is because I found a reference [1] stating that Welsh "warriors were dressed in a linen shirt (often red) and linen drawers; they covered these with a woolen cloak hanging to their knees".  This is probably referring to a later period than the dark ages, but it's good enough for me!  The same source notes that "a circular shield was carried by the foot soldiers, decorated white, yellow, silver, or blue." [2] I didn't like the idea of silver shields, so I stuck to white, yellow, and blue. 

The spears are styrene rod cut and carved by me to look spears. Some of the figures had poses where the hand is too close to the body and makes getting a spear in pace rather difficult. I would rather more of the poses had an overhand arm pose to hold the spear to give them more of a javelin-using skirmish look. As is they rank up rather like a phalanx.

The mounted warlord is by Gripping Beast. I have managed to photograph him in just the right way that shows off the mistake I made painting the mane that I keep neglecting to fix over and over again. 


[1] "Medieval Welsh Warriors and Warfare." http://www.castlewales.com/warfare.html
[2]  Ibid.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fritz Leiber

09 Fritz Leiber Jr 1965-1966 in The Equinox_ Journey Into the Supernatural or Equinox as Dr. Arthur Waterman

Been thinking about ol' Fritz the last few days - mainly the excellent Swords of Lankhmar which regards the attempted takeover of that fair polity by its rodent population.