Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Duly sober" my eye!

Boss Schenck Robbed - April 6 1881 Oregonian

"BOSS" SCHENCK ROBBED.-There is a trait of human nature, which might more properbly be called an inhuman trait, which has clung in the race since the days of the cave dwellers, which leads people to rejoice over the mishaps of thier friends. This is why the coterie with which Boss Schenk associates were making merry yesterday over the fact that he had been robbed. His room at his lodging house was entered during the night and all the coin taken from his purse. There were marks on the key which has been left in the lock, showing that it has been seized with nippers and the door thus unlocked. Mr. Schenck was escorted home the evening before at the usual hour by Mr. John Kelly, who took him under his umbrella, both being duly sober. Yesterday mutual friends were endeavoring to persuade Mr. Schenck that Mr. Kelly probably knew more about the affair than he was making public and the result was a slight [????] between the two cronies. It will be a very cold and rainy night when Mr. Kelly again asks any gentleman the accept the shelter of his umbrella.

-April 6 1881 Oregonian

Thursday, April 12, 2012

But dogs hate bagpipes.

Kohn Ad May 19 1886 Oregonian

Another Kohn advert from the Oregonian, May 19 1886. I adore that awkward unnecessary "charms" at the end of the sentence.