Sunday, January 27, 2008

Graffiti Row

I'm not a particular fan of graffiti. But I concede that sometimes its really colorful and even a little awe-inspiring.

Graff NW of Brooklyn-Gideon Ped Bridge

This photo doesn't really do this 2-block stretch of graff justice. This is looking SE from 14th ave toward the the Brooklyn-Gideon Pedestrian Bridge at SE 16th.

Since that teenager got killed by a train by the Lafayette bridge this summer, UP stepped up the "No Trespassing" emphasis on the train tracks. There's a well-trodden path beside the tracks between the NW Natural plant and the old Ford Motor factory that peds and bicyclists use to get from 11th to the 9th (where you can then access the Springwater corridor and the Eastbank Esplanade) that's now got a ton of no trespassing signs and even concrete barricades.

All by way of saying I began to feel nervous taking pictures of graffiiti on UP property w/ the train sitting right there - even clearly picturing the officer asking me questions ("why you taking pictures of graffiti? Recording yr work?").