Friday, September 05, 2008

Kaiju Session 17

[Note: Watching actual daikaiju movies now no longer of the program. UltraTom(!) still attending the Sessions but not contributing to the written reviews. -Rensey]

KAIJU-17: Battle Royale

d.d. tinzeroes: I think I wasn’t in the mood to go and pick out a daikaiju flick of any sort, much less trek to the video store. I own a copy of Battle Royale and had been pining somewhat to watch it again, so I suggested to UltraTom(!) we trek down the street to Hal’s Tavern, where, coincidentally, it was ‘Gentlemen’s Night,’ have a few pints, then walk back and watch the flik. And so we did. ‘Battle Royale’ was just as good as it was the first time around, if not better. The morbid fascination for me still remains how quickly the participants will take advantage of the situation they have been placed in to settle old grudges, jealousies, and other teenage melodramas. I feel that this aspect is simply dead-on: an accurate portrayal of the teenage mentality, and is the films best, and most disturbing, aspect.