Friday, May 13, 2011

a true sign of culture in decline

moorcock by matt_really
moorcock, a photo by matt_really on Flickr.

"He wondered by these people embraced family life with such relish.
Perhaps their peculiar tribal habits, their vague liberalism, their inactive agrement about what angered or disgusted them, were means of maintaining a status quo to which they were as committed as any of their more frankly rapacious contemporaries. He had grown impatient with their discussions about H-Bombs, vivisection, dying fish, Women's Rights and clubbed seals while they ate and drank as much in an afternoon as people living a few hundred yards away could buy in a fortnight. He started telling them this. Their hypocritcal posturing was a true sign of a culture in decline. When he informed his wife he was voting conservative in last year's election she had decided they were incompatible and made him leave." (Michael Moorcock, 'Mother London', 1988)

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