Sunday, May 08, 2011

Neverread and thought lost

Was rooting through the attic and found my copy of Hammett's "The Thin Man." I started reading this ten years ago but ran away when the constant inebriaism made me uncomfortable (I know, strange! but true).

After spending the last year and a half acquainting myself with books of the well-written type, I've been dabbling in 'classics' (Moby Dick)*, some of which I would rather call 'adventure' novels and some would call 'boys adventures' (Treasure Island, Captain Blood). So it seems quite conveniently timed to be going through a box at this juncture in my reading life and come across 'The Thin Man.' So much so that it might leap the que and be the follow up when I finish 'Moby Dick'.


* Tip of the hat to Mr. Collision for getting me thinking about books I've never read.

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