Saturday, May 28, 2011

the pilgrim, being an extreme case

A Happy Quartette - May 30 1883 Oregonian


   The city refrigerator is now engaged in cooling off four fire-water fiends [?]. One of those, Maxiel [?], the pilgrim, being an extreme case, is booked for fifteen days; another named Cook, gathered in by Officer Jerelaman [?] night before last, is under a three days term; the other two were capture by the marshal yesterday morning, while disporting at the foot of L street. The latter will be examined this morning. As misery [?] loves company, the quartette is not entirely devoid of consolation.

-May 30, 1883

["The pilgrim, being an extreme case." Yes, who can forget Maxiel, hapless pilgrim to Jerusalem, waylaid in remote Portland, Oregon, succumbing to and gaining notoriety with the local magistrates for Biblical consumption of beer and spirits. This news piece comes from the 'East Portland' column, a few years before Portland merged with East Portland and Albina. In East Portland, bars could not be open on Sundays. The bars complied, and simply let customers in through the back doors - "front door's locked, sheriff, we're closed!"]

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