Tuesday, May 31, 2011

American Flyer

This was a lovely surprise. I recently got the kids (and me!) some G-scale electric toy train stuff. The extra track received today was in a box which turned out to be an older box turned inside out. I was about to recycle it when I noticed the American Flyer box label afixed to the inside wall. Its an old label but its barely faded at all and its not stained or wrinkled, really. I just cut the cardboard so I have the label only and ditched the box. Might look nice in a little frame, I dunno. I love little scores like this.

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Fat Contradiction said...

That's awesome. My lady just bought a batch of 100 razors, and the box they came in hasn't had any design updates in maybe 60 years: it's a faded mint green color with lots of text about the superior nature of the blades. Gotta get a picture when I can.