Saturday, May 14, 2011

The people's servants

Great Sherman Circus - September 12 1882 Oregonian



and troupe of


Will pitch thier tent and give exhibitions in the following cities and towns on the following dates:

Lebanon, 6th                  Eugene, 13th
Albany, 7th and 8th        Salem, 15th, 16th
Halsey, 9th                     Fair Grounds during
Harrisburg, 11th                  the week
Junction City, 12th          Portland, 23th, 20th

Dates to follow the above in Oregon and Washington Territory will be published in this advertisement as soon as necessary to notify the public.

The people's servants,

C. & J. SHERMAN, Prop'rs and Managers

-September 12, 1882

[Y'know, the first time I saw this little illustration and read this little ad, I was like "Educated Horses... AND a man in a tutu! Nostaglia, TAKE me AWAY!" Then I (sadly) realized it was just the horse's tail. Also impressive: that horse is running with its stomach about a foot off the ground.]

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