Saturday, April 22, 2006

Liberty Temple.

World War I was financed through the sale of war bonds (somewhat more enthusiatically called "Liberty Loans"). Each state was given a bond quota, although there were multiple bond drives.

For the third Liberty Loan Drive Oregon's quota was $18,495. To facilitate the drive a Temple to Liberty was constructed downtown on Sixth between Morrison and Yamhill streets, and really, it was ON Sixth. In the photo its clearly just butted up against the southeast corner of the Portland Hotel on the right!

Materials and funds were donated and the basic structure raised in just three days.

Oregon Historical Society collection.
6th Avenue between Morrison & Yamhill Streets (1918).

Styled in the manner of Antiquity, with two (not-to-scale) replicas of the Statue of Liberty out front, the Temple served as HQ for the Loan Drive and a staging area for rallies. It also served as an employment bureau.

After the war the Liberty Temple was relocated to Park and Salmon (I mean, its IN the street), then torn down in 1920 (built in 3 days, after all).


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