Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tebbett's Oriental Theatre.

The Oriental Theatre (S.E. Grand & Morrison) opened in 1927 with a capacity of 2,038. Not a movie house, but actual playhouse, it did not fare well in attempts to convert it to a cinema.

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The place had an absolutely lush Hindu-inspired architectural style, though, which I absolutely adore.

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The lounge of the Oriental.

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The main auditorium, "where the sound is better."

In this detail of the auditorium, check out the carved elephants!!

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Its so lavish its almost silly.

The lobby steps.

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In this c.1930 photo a streetcar makes its way through the intersection at Grand and Morrison. The Oriental is hidden but was to the right, next door to the tall building on the corner. In the distance on the right side of Morrison you can see a pyramidal roof. This is the building that today is Grand Central Bowling. Originally it was the Grand Central Public Market.

The last hurrah for the Oriental was in 1968-69, when the City leased it as a substitute while the Civic Auditorium was renovated. In 1970 its interiors were auctioned off and the building demolished for the parking lot that stands there today.


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