Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trolleys, Crashed!!

November 10, 1915.

Occurring at corner of S.W. 11th & Morrison.

Car 649, with a known history of brake problems, had reached the end of its line to the south at 13th and Hall St. The crew disembarked to victual at an adjunct small grocery. While inside, Car 649's brakes failed and the car began to roll away down the slope.

Gradually picking up sleep, Car 649 coasted a full sixteen blocks north until smacking into Car 659 at Taylor street. From there, this unholy union of two trolleys continued another three blocks before hitting a third, unspecified trolley at the intersecton of 11th & Morrison, bring this electrical trolley rampage to an end.

Six humans were also injured.

A crowd of locals gawks at the wreck in the upper left hand side of the photograph.

The New York Grocery appears to have the word MONOPOLY painted on its window.

Cars 649 and 659 were both America Car Co. Class Ks acquired in June of 1911. They were 45 feet long and approx. 8 feet wide, and weighed 39,875 pounds. They were gauged for narrow tracks (42" across). Seating capacity was 32 souls, 67 when loaded to standing room only.


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