Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mobile Army Wheurhouse

On the live albums Rife and Male, J.G. Thirlwell as Foetus plays a song called "Faith Healer" (on Rife its titled 'Hate Feeler'). In the midst of my recent Foetus-completionist kick, I became momentarily swooned by the first 2 minutes or so of the Rife version, enough that I actually asked, for the first time ever, where this song came from (it only appears on the mentioned live albums).

Now, Thirlwell does have songs that do not appear on studio albums ('Puppet Dude' comes to mind, which is only played live, and I think there's another), so I had to follow the trail when 'Faith Healer' is credited to one Alex Harvey.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band hails from Scotland, as does Thirlwell, is of the vintage to probably be the sort of vinyl spinning on a young Thirlwell's record player, if my math's right.

And, in my opinion, I hear a lot of Alex (who died suddenly in like '83 of a heart attack) in Thirlwell, both vocally and compositionally.

This performance really jumps out at me at exceptional.

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