Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cops are Out

So, back in like '89 I'm staying up late to watch Monty Python at 11:30 on MTV (!) and also late at night MTV would run this program called "Post-Modern MTV" or something like that which as basically them mining the available library of British music. Britian being Britain, 99% of thier stuff was basicaly alien to American tastes, so, yeah, it sounded pretty avante-guard to me.

In these same days PBS was running five or whatever episodes of Dr.Who back-to-back-to-back as giant 2.5 hour "movies" (I still remember my massive disappointment in the fact this was not the intended broadcast format when Sci-Fi started rerunning them in the mid 90s in thier original form).


I was pretty much shitting bricks when the following video emanated from the tee-vee in my parents' basement...

More recently, I've been on this glam rock kick, and lo and behold I stumble across Sweet's 'Blockbuster.' Hey, I know that beat!

It all comes together.


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