Monday, June 15, 2009

Everybody's Ass is Up for Grabs

As I recall, the first 3 Foetus albums I owned were, I think, the Butterfly Potion EP (the only Foetus at all available at the Beaverton Tower Records), the Sink collection (b/c it was such a deal - a ton of songs on that album), and, for budget reasons, the Male double-live pack (which I didn't really realize was a live album when I got it).

I pretty much sold all my CDs in the fall of '96 when I was hard up for cash, including most of my Foetus stuff (couldn't stop listening to Gash, however), so I kinda forgot about this album. I reacquired it recently and the minute I hit play it was like I was in my room in the dark wearing headphones in high school again. This is an amazing live album - great sound quality and the live band is basically the Swans(!).

Track 1 is 'Free James Brown,' and I think this is footage of the same CGBG's performance Male is recorded from.

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