Friday, April 20, 2007

Down in Jungle Town.

So, back in the late '40s, there was a record label outta Portland called Castle. Castle was the (presumably) exclusive label for the Castle Jazz Band.

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The Castle Jazz Band used to play out of the Castle Restaurant down in south Milwaukie, above the Clackamas river, which was recently demolished, I think.1

Found the above record label-piece in a rubbish bin, only loosely connected to the shattered remains of a 48.


1 Or so reports the always entertaining Schlockstar.

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Schlockstar said...

Howdy. Yeah, The Castle is long gone. The developers have paved the streets and have constructed the concrete plats. I drove by the other day and saw a sign that said "Welcome to Castle Park." At least there's some sort of nod to the previous owners.

Late at night the new homeowners will hopefully hear the haunting, faint sound of a saxophone playing in the distance.