Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Color - Color Blazing, and Color Murky.

It turns out my mother's aunt, who went to college1 in, like, 1907 or something, when that was kinda not the thing ladies did, AND THEN never married, was a bit of the homebrew historian.2 Her typewriter-keyed manuscript weighs in at a hefty 250+ pages, including some loose newspaper & magazine clippings from the early-to-mid '60s.

On the back of a magazine article is this gem...

Click to enlarge

The "currently fashionable two-piece swimsuit?" Apparently this mag was too frou-frou to just call it a bikini.

Still, love that swank '60s ad art.


1 Psychology.
2 And, evidently, a bit of the fanciful illustrator.

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