Friday, January 26, 2007

Alberta Line.

Portland Railway Co. initated the Alberta Line (1903-1949), running from a downtown loop of 2nd-Morrison-3rd-Washington out to its terminus at N.E. Alberta and 25th.

William Hayes collection
W. Hayes collection

Isn't that building on the right still standing? It looks really familiar but I can't place it.

By 1909, the line had been extended in spurts to N.E. 30th at Ainsworth.

Converted to bus in 1949.



ET said...

Is it the Alberta Grocery Coop?

d.d. tinzeroes said...

Maybe. The # of windows on the 2nd floor is wrong, & the building in the old picture has those windows jutting out at the corner, which ABC doesn't. ABC does look likes it been remodelled, so maybe it is the same building?