Friday, August 09, 2013

Rarity of a Perfect Nose

A beautiful nose is the greatest possible ornament to the face of a woman, and so rare that it excites the admiration at once. Lavater, the physiognomist, declared that there were thousands of beautiful eyes to one handsome nose. It is a somewhat singular fact that only about three in every 100 noses are to be found where they belong - in the middle of the face: 97 will be digress from the perpendicular line which the bridge should form from a straight line drawn exactly between the eyes. The Greek nose, which is the beautiful, is so rare that artists have frequently looked in vain for a Greek-nosed model.

[Written by Tristam Shandy's father, apparently...]

["Babe, why are you wearing that clown outfit?" "Its a dressing sacque, dear."  "A sack?"  "Sacque, dear."]

Oregonian, from its 'For Women' pages.  Sunday, July 7, 1895.

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