Saturday, March 07, 2009

Jack Gaughan Sci-fi Paperbacks

image : levar

I've been exploring Flickr with an eye towards stuff marked with Creative Commons Licenses rather than copyrights. These are the best from a search for sci-fi cover artist Jack Guaghan.

The Unholy City, 1968 edition
image: jovike

I'm attributing source with the "image:____" beneath each image. If you click on each photo it follows through to Flickr. Both contributors have more paperbacks scanned.

image: levar

Pretty disappointing results, really. Compare the search for Creative Commons pics with one including "copyrighted" photos. Sure, there's a bunch of NASCAR related crap in there, too, but the search easily triples the results of the Creative Commons search.


I really wanted to do a gallery of Moorcock novel covers but the CC results are pretty skimpy. Lame.


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