Thursday, February 28, 2008

Introducing... the Heroically Mediocre!

In the quiet suburbs of inner southeast Portland, justice has a hard time paying the bills. And in this squalid, turn-of-the-century craftsman home, four mediocre self-styled superheroes split the rent.

Acca-Decca, master of static electricity!

El Humidor, smoke-mentalist of the sky pirates!

Mudman, friend of the world's detris!

Gerry Rig, furniture roboticist!

This is… super hero shared housing!1


1 As originally conceived, there's this dilapidated Portland craftsman home (c.1905 or so) that has all these rejects from Portland's crimefighting cadres. I suppose you'd maybe see them everywhere but you'd be most likely to talk to them at the the public house down the street, or cursing at them as they lay hungover on the couch on their porch. A few of these super-wannabes are usually either at the bar, nursing the cheapest thing on tap and/or a coffee, generally recovering from last nights "patrol" (i.e., driving that p.o.s. van one of them brought of his mom around the block a couple of times, if that, before parking behind the bar and ending up stumbling home at 2:30, then staying up til dawn). Still, they're nice people, at heart, and I suppose they do have "super powers" although their neither anything "super" or "powerful" about them. This not-so-fantastic four was conceptualized and named by myself and Chris Colllision several years ago in a rather delirious spurt of creativity over a few pints. It lay around abandoned, sorta, ever since, 'til recently. I started drawering again, and Chris started collaborating on a different comic project, in which the SHSH crew was (somewhat) reimagined and incorporated into (cool, multiple continuities already, and not a single issue printed!). I wouldn't bet on me actually doing any real sequential art on the topic, but for now I'm digging around in my memory and rooting out every single comic-character I've every imagined, going wayyy back to like 1987 when I was in the 5th grade. In short. More to come.