Saturday, February 25, 2006

Laurelhurst, the Addition with Character.

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One of the secrets of the rapid expansion of Portland's trolley system c.1900-1910 was real estate development.

For example, when service began to Gresham it was a hamlet of 100 souls. A year later 1,000 people lived there. Mind you these are electric trolleys, so they bring more than a fast way to get from A to B, but light (yesteryear's Portland Railway Light and Power Company, today's PGE) and power¦ MODERNITY through ELECTRIFICATION ! !

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bell Rose Interurban Trolley Passing Through Water Street Yards.

Given the proximity and position of the viadict, this trolley is approximately where the Darigold Dairy is today. I think that staircase on viaduct is the one up near Caruthers street, although a lot of them have been demolished.

Where is Bell Rose, you ask? A stop on the way to Gresham, as this map indicates.

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I don't know if you had to transfer lines to keep going or if Bell Rose was just short hand for "this trolley goes to Gresham and not Oregon City."

Monday, February 06, 2006

Portland's Demolished Buildings

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The Perkins Hotel.

The Perkins Hotel, located at SW 5th & Washington. Built 1891. 125 Rooms. Remodeled 1908. Demolished 1962. Not sure which corner this building was actually on, but think its the NE one since that building's construction date is approx. 1965. Other three corners are pre-1962.

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Lewis & Flanders Building.

The Lewis & Flanders Building, formerly at SW Ash & Front. Until the 1890s home of a farm & industrial equipment company, then a dry goods wholesaler. Demolished in 1940. The Fire Station currently on site was built in 1951.

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Worcester Building.

The Worcester Building stood at SW 2nd Avenue, between Oak & Pine Streets. Built in two sections in 1892, demolished 1941. The Police Dept. headquarters addition occupies/occupied part of the lot, the rest is parking.

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Ladd & Tilton Bank

Ladd & Tilton Bank, at SW 1st and Stark, was built in 1868. Demolished in 1954. Today, a parking lot.

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Loewenberg-Leadbetter Mansion.

The mansion at SW Park Place at Douglas was built in 1894 by capitalist Julius Loewenberg, & later owned by the Leadbetters. Donated to Oregon Historical Society in 1951 and used as a museum 'til 1954. Demolished in 1960. Apartments today.